5 May

Canon Printer Error 6A80


You are unable to print and receive the message Error 6A80 on the computer or printer display screen.


  1. Switch the printer off.
  2. Hold down the following four buttons for 10 seconds:
    (making sure you press the On/Off button last)
    • Black Photocopy button
    • Red cancel button
    • OK button
    • On/Off Button
  3. Then release the On/Off button only.
  4. When the printer turns on, release all the other buttons.

15 Responses to Canon Printer Error 6A80

  1. well . . . ihave tried these steps to fix problem on my canon MP 648 but, it doesn't work. . . .

  2. not working

  3. Did not work

  4. not working….help!!!!

  5. not working help!!!!

  6. For those of you who are unable to resolve the issue after following the instructions, it is likely that your printer will need repair.

  7. Doctor PrinterLuv March 11, 2012 at 19:21

    Error 6a80 I had a locked print head that was stuck on the right side – I was about to toss the entire printer. I cut a stiff piece of flat thin plastic from a fruit container – about inch wide by four inches long. I slid it under the print head and moved it forward and then to the back a few times. I powered it up and everything works!

    Everybody try this first since it is so simple

  8. It worked on my Canon MX700. Print head was traveling all the way to left but not stuck. Error MSG kept appearing till I followed this advice. Thanks.

  9. You rock, Doctor PrinterLuv. Worked for me.

  10. This worked, thanks so much. I just want to note that I had to manually push the ink away from the right side and use paper towels/q-tips with rubbing alcohol to clean away all the ink that had built up. Mostly on the right side (A white piece)

  11. This solution worked at my printer as well. Thx!!!


  12. Thanks, I used a plastic ruler and it works.

  13. Doc It worked. Where’d you get from?

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