12 Jan

Canon Printer Error 5011


On your Canon printer, the cartridge holder will not move into the centre. Additionally, if you go to print, a message appears on the computer or printer display indicating Error 5011. It advises to turn your printer off and on again which doesn’t resolve the problem.


Get the printer repaired by the provider or manufacturer.

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  1. I just bought this f***in s***!!! f***in b****es i hate u b******s @ Canon
    but the advisers thanks for telling me

  2. I just had the same exact problem. I went to the Canon website and the recommendation was to unplug and replug the printer. And if this doesn’t work you’re supposed to contact a service center. I am not very computer savvy, but what worked for me was to turn the printer off, then lift the lid of the printer (including the scanner portion) and then while the lid is open, turn on the printer. After that, the printer did whatever it does when you usually start it and was fine. I closed the lid and error message is gone. No idea why this worked, but just printed a document and no problems.

  3. muchas gracias me funciono bien el consejo

  4. error 5011…p***** off that even experts at canon have no answer but bring to tech to get it fixed…never buying another canon product…this is only a week old and now i have to get it fixed…just junk…going back to epson

  5. We tried all recommended solutions to no avail. We then had an epiphany and after launching it off the fourth floor roof we had our answer! Best Buy for a different model!

  6. I read your comments and tried turning off with lid open… didn’t work. I was so mad and frustrated with this printer that I finally just body slammed it 4 or 5 times on the desk, and it suddenly stopped showing the supoort code 5011 and printed stuff! I don’t get it.

    • I have the same issues and failures. I like your tactics and I am going to try them now. Know that I intend to “slam it” not on a desk but on a concrete pad. Thanks for the tip!

    • tried all so far nothing then tried yours and that didn’t work either but thanks anyway for the laughter I got from this.

  7. i did but it dose for me So i hate all of printers

  8. I just bought a brand new canon printer mp237….but sadly it does not properly working. It has an error 5011. I turn it off and on again, nothing has changed. The cartridge don’t move, it stocked at the right side of the printer. πŸ™ I’ve tried the other way, i think the only solution for this is to bring it to the service provider.

  9. Had the same error just now. Tried turning it off and on, and then unplugging and plugging it again. Didn’t work. What did work was looking at the glass/scanner part and finding that the page I wanted a photocopy of was wedged between the glass and the black plastic housing. After removing that, it worked.

  10. Try taking a flashlight and looking inside… we discovered a long lost pencil jammed way back in there.

  11. Thank you so much, really p****** off but tried turning on with cover open and it worked!
    Canon MG6300

  12. Thank you Drew, you save the day

  13. David Demnitz July 24, 2014 at 16:57

    I used all the techniques described above, I watched the cartridge holder try to move; it seemed to be hung up on somethiing. I gently helped it get loose and then found a piece of paper left from a paper jam on the far side of the cartridge holder which I never would have been able to see if the cartridge holder hadn’t moved.

  14. This worked! Thank you so much. I had to make sure that the cover and the scan lid were open BEFORE I started the printer. Thank you!!!!!

  15. I’m having the same problem.. I tried turning it on with the lid open but I’m still getting the same error message.. any suggestions? It worked fine about a week or so ago the last time I used it.

  16. Scanner fault, my guess is the lamp doesn’t run on quick enough so the scanner doen’t initialize properly, it has to read some white and black stuff inside the glass on the left side and misses some of those.

    Try thiis (workaround on mg5350, not permanent fix but seems to at least buy you some time).
    The procedure is similar to entering the service mode, but 4 clicks on cancel button instead of 5:

    With the printer off, press and hold power+cancel simultaneously,
    Release cancel but keep power button pressed,
    Press cancel button 4 times,
    Release both.

    I don’t know what this does exactly, but it seems to reset something and make a fresh start, the printer will take longer to resume the power on sequence.
    Please take the time to share the info, posting this somewhere else to help someone, if you find it works.

    Good luck πŸ™‚

  17. After powering on by pressing the cancel button 4 times along with the power button in the described sequence, the next power on sequence might not work, just unplug the printer for a few minutes and power on again as usual.

  18. It works! I guess its the printer equivalent of hitting a server on the side twice and then on the top three times to get it to boot successfully!!!

  19. F$Β£! you Canon printers. Fooled me once. Never again – stop making printers

  20. Hello,
    THANKS! Have just tried almost everything during the whole day and was on my way to the shop to buy a new printer. THEN just a few minutes before I thought there had to be a solution as this printer has been a great work horse so far (and I had just bought two brand new original cartridges for the same Price as a new printer :-O
    SO I surfed around a bit and found this solution. Did everything as describes. Cartridges suddenly moved into the middle and I pulled out that small piece of paper that had been jammed behind one of the ink cartridges.
    Now its running like a dream. Brilliant! Thanks Again.

  21. It happened to my boyfriend’s printer when I tried to copy something, I was freaking out! He isn’t home and he does a lot of printing due to his work and hobbies & it’s only a brand new printer it shouldn’t be doing this. So I was frantically trying to turn it on and off, opening and closing the tray, taking the ink cartridges out and putting them back in again, nothing was working.
    However, I pulled every plug out (the power and USB Connection) and left it for a minute, plugged them back in with the trays open, turned it on and hoped for the best, and yes, it didn’t beep at me or show me the ‘error’ message, I just left it and backed away from it, no copying for me today. I’ll just pay 25 cents at the library, or buy my own printer. So that is how I fixed that issue, it prints, but I’m not going to use it. Hahaha, anyway I hope this helps people out.


  22. I tried switching it off and on, then tried switching it off and on with the scanner lid open, then tried switching it off and on with the scanner lid open and the front lid open. nothing helped. Then hit it a couple of times and then did all of the above… that didn’t help! In the end while I was deciding if I should recycle it or just throw it from the 3rd floor, I noticed that it has other parts on the back that comes off without having to unscrew anything. So, I decided to open/ remove whatever parts that would open or were removable without using any tools. Then, I tried switching it off and on and behold…. It worked! I hope this helps y’all…. if not then for sure… Just throw it!

  23. This worked for me the first time I tried:

    Power off the printer
    Press and hold power+cancel simultaneously
    Hold on the power button and release cancel
    Press cancel button 4 times,
    Release both.

  24. Read directions for ink absorber reset- it did all the above ideas and none worked! Then read error 5100 to reset ink.

  25. I just got the same error. Nothing that was suggested above has worked for me. I’m very disappointed in this printer, I think it’s only printed 200 pages total, what a waste.

    It’s my first Cannon printer, its less than a year old. I may just look for another brand.

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