17 May

A problem with the cooling system has been detected


When using your Toshiba laptop, the following error appears:

“Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service.”


This can be caused by a legitimate fault with the computer.


Contact the supplier or Toshiba for the computer to be repaired.

8 Responses to A problem with the cooling system has been detected

  1. No,it isn’t always a legitimate fault. This message can be bogus. Toshiba laptops have a software problem that causes these messages to be generated even though the fan is running and the laptop CPU core temps are less than 45 degrees C. Toshiba won’t own up to the problem – just do a search engine query on Toshiba cooling messages.

    • It is possible for this to occur as the error is generated by software. However, I would have it still checked out by Toshiba or the supplier to be on the safe side.

  2. if your computer is still within warranty, just send it in. Is there anything to lose?

  3. Just go to msconfig and disable all toshiba startup apps and restart the PC. It is a crappy Toshiba program that thinks the PC has cooling issues. I did this and ran burn-in on it over night and the PC has been running fine ever since. No cooling issues.

    • Just did this (after calling Toshiba tech support and PC World KnowHow who told me to take it in for repair). It just didn’t seem like a hardware thing, with no signs of overheating on he health check. And lo and behold, the message has gone away! A software glitch. Thanks drew.

    • This was driving me crazy! I was about to spend some money to have this message removed but just tried your suggestion. Message now gone. Thanks Drew.


    Run msconfig, go to the start ups tab and DISABLE ALL TOSHIBA programs! Restart.

  5. Foud another solution in my laptop. find the program Twarnmsg.exe and rename it. this works fine

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