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Error 0x8007000D when activating Office 2010


When you are trying to activate Office 2010 you receive a message saying “An unspecified error has occurred. Your request cannot be processed at this time. Please try again later. (0x8007000D)”.

It is also advisable to check to see if Device Manager is unable to load (at this point, it should not display any devices but instead show a blank window).


This is caused by a registry error or an operating system issue.


  1. Download Subinacl from the link below:
  2. Run and install the Subinacl.msi file into the C drive.
    (Should be the default install location when you run the file)
  3. Once you have installed this successfully, right click on the link below and click Save Target As / Save Link As to download it: Office 2010 Activation Fix Batch File.
  4. Go to the folder where you downloaded the batch file. Right click on the file and click “Run as administrator”. Click Yes or Continue to proceed if prompted.
    • If using Windows XP then you can run the file normally while logged in as an administrator user.
  5. Once done, the Command Prompt will say “Press any key to continue”. Do this and the window will close.

Office will now activate and Device Manager should now display the devices correctly.

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  22. This can ALSO occur, long after you have successfully installed (and activated) another version of Microsoft Office on your computer.

    In my experience, this later problem is caused by installing a purchased key over-top a manufacturer’s pre-installed edition of the software.

    For some reason, the Microsoft Office 2010 edition from some OEM manufacturers does not recognize that you installed another version of Office, and confuses the correct key with the key needed to activate your local edition.

    To avoid this condition, before installing any versions of Microsoft Office on a “new” PC, be certain to UNINSTALL any versions of Microsoft office listed in the Control Panel / Programs and Features.

    Then proceed with normal installation.

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  52. As a Mac user, I’d like to offer a fix that I was able to use. I had the same activation error, and read on here that multiple versions of the program existing on the computer could cause the error. I looked in my downloads and applications and made sure to delete every version that had nothing to do with the newest aka the .dmg files from older online purchase downloads. Fixed the error right away.

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  58. After being on the phone to Microsoft for 3 calls lasting about 30mins and not being able to fix the problem.
    They wanted me to pay for a new warranty as it was for an old office product.

    This Worked straight away without any problems, Thank you so much pal!

  59. The most helpful post I have ever found on the internet. Took Microsoft office 2010 back to the place where I purchased it and they could not figure out the solution to this supposedly bewildering problem. Took me 1 minute to fix with your help. THANK YOU!!

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  72. If you want to provide your e-mail I’ll send you an I-tunes gift card… My Microsoft Office had this problem AND my iTunes would not sync with my ipod classic. I spent all day on this and was about to de-install and re-install iTunes, and was prepared to buy a new license for MS Office.

    Thank God I did a Google search with the exact error message first, which let me here. You just saved me hours AND $100.


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  95. hello,
    It happens that I have the same problems with davoir an office facility 2013.Est Could someone help me find a solution because I read the manipulations described are all in office 2010.
    Thank you in advance!

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    This fix worked (finally) great for me (instead of other mentioned fixes e.g. @ Microsoft like MicrosoftFixit50485.msi or MicrosoftFixit50669.msi ) :-)))

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  110. Why would one use this fix? What company are you and why would I trust that you’re not setting me up to be hacked? Why isn’t Microsoft availing themselves to fix this error?

    • You would use this fix if you were experiencing the error mentioned.

      Fix-KB is operated by Microlink. We created the website to document problems that we’ve fixed as a useful resource for ourselves, our customers and others to come back to.

      When following someone’s instructions online, you are doing so at your own risk. However, you’ll notice that the Subinacl application in Step 1 is actually a download from the official Microsoft website. As for the batch file in Step 3, you are able to safely look at the code by opening the file with a text editor like Notepad.

  111. Thanks a lot for solution, it helped fix the 0x8007000D error, there was a problem with Activating Windows 7, now it`s gone 😉

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