26 Mar

Function Keys not working on Toshiba Laptop


On your Toshiba Laptop, the function keys (such as brightness) do not work when pressed.


Try the following:

  • Press the Fn key as well as the corresponding function key (e.g. F6)
  • Check the Flash Card settings:
    1. On the Start Menu go to All Programs/Toshiba/Utilities/
    2. Click on “Restart Flash Cards” if it exists.
    3. Click on “Settings for Flash Cards” if it exists. Make sure the “Disable all function keys” option is unchecked and click OK.
  • Contact Toshiba or your supplier for the Flash Card installer and run it.
    • Microlink customers can try these steps:
      1. Press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog.
      2. Type in D:\Install\Drivers\ and press Enter.
      3. Open the Flash Cards folder.
      4. Run the setup file.
      5. Restart the computer once it is installed.

69 Responses to Function Keys not working on Toshiba Laptop

  1. Wow, how did that work, just did the first part except it was “Flash Cards – setting” and once we checked the box then unchecked the box again they worked. Crazy computers :S

  2. Thank you

  3. Thankyou… too easy!! Take a bow.

  4. Very Very Exelent

    After 2 yeasrs my problem became Solve .

  5. It worked as soon as I restarted the flash cards ! Thanks !

  6. It Worked …………Thanks a lot……………..Crazy Computer…….

  7. thanks..it worked..

  8. An chance you know how to do it for Windows 8 please?

  9. Easy to follow instructions, and it worked! Thanks a bunch!

  10. WOrked for me. Thx

  11. it worked. but i dont know how. I checked and unchecked. then the Fn key become active. surprised!

  12. thanks a lot

  13. thanks..it’s work

  14. Kaptain Count April 24, 2013 at 07:53

    Wow!! thanks alot. I was completely lost and I was not sure what to do. Was thinkin of formatting the PC. You have saved me alot of trouble.

  15. Thanks Brotha really worked

  16. That was an awesome fix, thought something was seriously wrong!. Kudos for the advice:) you rock!!!.

  17. I have the same problem, the Fn key is not working but I use windows XP and I don’t hav a option for flash cads. Please Help!!!

  18. I use windows XP on my Toshiba NB100 and my Fn key is not working. Please help! Thanks!

    • David Henderson May 22, 2013 at 13:45

      If the FN Key itself is not working you will need to send it away to a Toshiba service center.

  19. Amazing !
    Thank you very much for the fix.

  20. thank you just saved me 50 bucks

  21. wow! thank you!

  22. what will i do if i dont have flash cards on my laptop?

  23. Andrea Bracciali August 16, 2013 at 22:04

    Brilliant… just the first step (checking and unchecking again the “Disable all function keys” option) was sufficient to get back the full functionality of the Fn key. Thank you very much.

  24. Thanks man!

  25. f*** its work 1st part thnxxxxxxxxx

  26. This works for a while on my computer and then I have to reset them again every couple days.

  27. Wow, I wish i knew it was something that simple earlier. THANKS!!

  28. Um, I don’t have a Toshiba folder in All Programs

  29. YOO! thanks so mcuh!

  30. Hey I have the Toshiba Satellite computer C855D and the whole top button area isnt working all of a sudden. The FN key works but i want my buttons back to their old function without having to use FN key. The steps you wrote dont apply for this model. PLease advise!

  31. I have a Windows 8 – Model # S855-S5377. When I press my function key for the volume/mute button, the bar at the top of my browser changes, but it doesn’t change my volume at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  32. i tried to change my OS from win 7 HB to ultimate… the menu that appears when we press the special function keys wont appear after i hve formated my old OS.

  33. Thanks a lot sir. Helped a lot.

  34. can i ask where to get the “flash cards”?? it’s not in my utility folder when i checked.. 🙁

  35. I almost cried of happiness. THANK YOU

  36. Option 3 worked for me. Thanks!

  37. Hi, I want to turn OFF the Toshiba function keys. I need to use the function keys with a ctrl F2, etc…. for a work program and it won’t work because the Toshiba function keys are enable. How do I turn it off?

  38. OMG I have been living with an un-brightenable screen and no screen shots for 3 years! Tried BIOS updates, you name it… this worked. thank you thank you!

  39. its not working..there is no flash card in my laptop..help please

  40. Thanks for the help. Was having trouble getting my wireless working and this article made me notice that the flash card software was not even installed. Installed the software and reactivated my wireless through the flash cards and now my problem is solved.

  41. Man i found it after i start system reinstall going back in time should work

  42. I read this and couldn’t find anything close to what was described. I figured it was because I have windows 8.1. Since pressing FN and the F keys worked, then my gut told me it had to be much simpler and not as complicated as above. I was right. I looked on my keyboard and there is a shortcut to turn it off or on. Just press FN + HOME keys together. Turned it right back on.

  43. Thank you so much

  44. I had this problem too, my volume and brightness keys only worked when I pressed the fn key. I was able to fix it going to search, type function keys and turn off notification…that should enable the sound/brightness.

  45. Thank you

  46. Ei bro, I had formated the PC, and the drive doesn´t installed… how I install the FN Drive to Toshiba-660?

    • Jonathan Brasseur June 6, 2014 at 10:16

      Hi David,

      You will need to go to the Toshiba support page and download the drivers for your model from there.

  47. it worked for me.. thanks…

  48. Another solution is to reinstall the “Value Added Package” from Toshiba driver&support download page of your laptop.

  49. This solved my problem! Thanks!!!

  50. Thank you-2yrs trying to find this out

  51. Ely thank you that fixed it for me!

  52. Solution to be able to access function keys without simultaneously pressing Fn
    Operating system windows 8.1 64 bit
    computer : Toshiba Qosmio X70-A

    – Go to control panel
    – Select troubleshoot computer problems
    – Select run programs made for previous version of windows
    – In the new window (windows compatibility trouble shooter) click next
    – scroll down the list and select Toshiba hotkey
    – click on test program (Function key should work)


  53. I have this problem, but can find them options on my to toshiba running win 10. Can u help?

  54. You are freaking awesome.. I totally over looked such a simple fix 🙂

  55. were is fn sign pleas

  56. THaaaanksss Dude…

  57. Toshiba User May 30, 2016 at 18:11

    Mine only work if I press the FN key at the same time.

  58. Hi, I updated my laptop to Windows 10 (Toshiba satellite P755) and only the volume up and down function keys works. The others do not work anymore.

  59. Brilliant FN worked! Thanks!

  60. Nice one, I can now turn off wifi and connect at work via cat 5 and get more work done. Have a great day.

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