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Outlook states you have unread mail but shows an empty folder


Outlook shows the message “we didn’t find anything to show here.” when looking in a folder that shows unread items.

Screenshot of outlook 2013 showing no emails in inbox.


The views in outlook can become unresponsive causing it to not display the emails.


Reset the view in outlook

  1. Open outlook and select the folder you are having issues with.
  2. On outlook ribbon click “View”
  3. Under current view category, click the Reset View
Reset views butting in the view ribbon.

Screenshot from Outlook 2013

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  1. The reset view does not seem to work for this problem

  2. In Account Settings/(my account)/Server Settings/More Settings/Advanced, uncheck “enable cached exchange mode”, exit outlook. Count will be correct.

  3. It does not work. You should use outlook.exe /cleanviews

  4. This did not work for me. Just FYI

  5. That did not fix the problem. Inbox says I have unread mail but not in the unread folder. Also, can’t find any unread in the Inbox even though it says I have some messages unread.

    Thanks for the suggestions though!!


  6. Reset View Did not work for me , But I moved all inbox items to newfolder and restarted my outlook.

  7. Cool manual! I just didn’t figure out what is it for, but definitely not for: Outlook states you have unread mail but shows an empty folder

    And Steve: Nice that you’re trying to help, but even if I consider myself an experienced user of this crap OS, I didn’t have the mind power to guess which of the ton of settings are you reffering to, so your advice was also useless.


  8. Hi!

    This worked perfectly for me. I can now see my Unread mail.

    Many thanks for such a simple solution.


  9. I had the same problem; after reading the previous fixes–not trying them since they don’t work, I checked my iPhone and saw the culprit. I read the message on the device and in Outlook the unread message went away. I read the message yesterday in the Outlook client but it was apparently showing as unread on my device. Strange.


  10. Joann from TX May 12, 2014 at 14:38

    The Reset View instructions worked just now for me in 2010. Thanks

  11. Aaron Rakich May 26, 2014 at 14:09

    I was having the same problem. I fixed it simply by updating my Search Folders. Categorised Mail, Large Mail, and Unread Mail. This seemed to work for me.


  12. All you have to do is move the mails to another folder (Test) and then click on “Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange” which will show the unread mails saved on server. Select those unread email and mark as read.


  13. Nathan Pralle June 23, 2014 at 17:29

    My workaround:

    In the “Search Current Mailbox (Ctrl+E)” box, type: read:no
    and hit Enter.

    Then when it shows, “Find More on Server” link, click it. The unread email should appear. Make sure you click on it if it doesn’t automatically switch to read.

    Click the “X” in the search box to clear the “read:no” search — it does not work if you do any other operation, including clicking on another box, at this point!

    Frustrating, but fixable, thankfully.

  14. Just create a new folder, move everything to it an then in the Inbox use “Clean Up Folder” option, close outlook, re open it and move back mails from the provisional folder to inbox.

  15. utlook.exe /cleanviews worked for me…

  16. I right clicked on the mailbox, went to Properties, and hit clear offline items and that seemed to work. Good luck!

  17. Thanks! worked for me!

  18. outlook.exe /clear

    worked for me

  19. Steve Skeptic is right. Use his method (reproduced below):

    In Account Settings/(my account)/Server Settings/More Settings/Advanced, uncheck “enable cached exchange mode”, exit outlook. Count will be correct.

  20. @Nathan Pralle – Awesome! it worked!! Thanks!

  21. Works like a charm! Thanks!

  22. Nathan Pralle’s work around works great! Thank you!

  23. Brilliant – exactly what I needed… and easy to find

  24. Big thanks – the search and click solution worked for me. Had the most frustrating few weeks with unread emails in 2 folders..

  25. We also had this problem. It was caused by calendar items in a mailbox without an agenda. Outlook doesn’t know what to do with those items. Right clicking “mark all items as unread” on the top folder solved it.

  26. Go to File > Account Setting > open your Exchange account > Adjust “Mail to keep online” to “All”, restart Outlook to check the result.

    This steps has resolved the issue for me.

  27. Worked for me !!

    Thank you

  28. Thank you Nathan Pralle! This worked!

  29. Awesome, It works perfect. I was looking for this for a long time.

    Thanks to David.

  30. The “read:no” options worked for me. Only suggestion I have is if you have many folders and only one or two of them has the issue, instead of selecting “search current mailbox” click the dropdown and select the folder that incorrectly shows unread email. Then follow the rest of the instructions.

  31. Thanks.. it worked. Easy.

  32. innocent odega March 12, 2015 at 13:22

    The solution is in the view settings. Make sure in the setting that hide files for deleting is not the selected. choose view all files. And all your files will start showing, before I got this I have done scanpst and a whole lot of other things. Andit is just a simple solution

  33. Thanks for the information, it solved the problem on my PC.

  34. Hi mate,

    Was having the same issue and spend hours and hours ! Finally figured it out that is was a view issue !

    This helped me as well – http://technowand.com.au/blog/emails_not_visible_in_folders_of_office365

  35. Mark All as read worked for me. 🙂

  36. > Select “Inbox”
    > In folder ribbon, Click “Folder Properties”
    > Check “Show number of unread items”

    Close the outlook and the problem will be solved. It worked in my case…;)

  37. Great solutions! Can anyone explain why this unexpectedly happens?

  38. Thank you Steve, It worked for me as well 🙂

  39. using Office 2010 – solution worked for me

  40. select folder in question and then click on View Tab in Outlook. Then click on Change Views and select IMAP folders. The messages will appear like magic!

  41. All I did was right click ‘Inbox’ and hit ‘Mark All as Read.’ I knew that I had no mail, but wanted that Inbox indicator gone.

  42. How easy was this! Thank you. Outlook repairs had me doing all sorts of rubbish things. Your knowledge is appreciated.

  43. When I unchecked the box, the fix worked perfect for me. That one deleted item that does not exist has been driving me insane!!

    Thanks much…Stacey

  44. @Nathan Pralle – It works… I getting mad and annoyed…. It helps. Thank you

  45. I had 1 message in my inbox but could not find any emails I have not addressed.
    My finding were; An end user created an calender event, she must have rescheduled a new event without deleting the original invite. That was all it was. I deleted that first event and all is good.

    IT Staff with Southern States Coop. Inc.

  46. Worked like a charm, Thank you , Thank you, Thank you. I spent hours on this last night. Thank you again.


  47. right click on inbox and choose ‘mark all as read’

  48. Additional note that might be helpful. I had a folder with symptoms that looked just like this. I had moved a folder from an IMAP account to a pst account in outlook 2016. Uh Oh, a lot of emails disappeared, but it showed a couple of thousand unread. I could convert to PDF and that at least retrieved the info. Tried all the fixes listed here as well as elsewhere. No Joy!.

    Since I had a safety copy in the PDF, I said “caution to the wind” and just dragged it to another IMAP based account. Ta-Da, the “lost” emails showed right back up.I hate it when sync means “sunk” 🙂

  49. I was having a headache with missing messages. My fix was actually right next to where he said. change view settings, It was set to hide marked for deletion and I changed that to imap and wham everything appeared. I changed for all folders

  50. @Nathan Pralle Thank you for the solution, It worked.

  51. Reset View worked perfectly, thank you!

  52. Right click on the folder
    Select “Delete All” from the drop down menu

  53. Once you reset the view, please close the outlook & reopen it

  54. Chance View To IMAP View & It worked for me

  55. This worked perfectly for this issue thank yo!

  56. This worked perfectly for this issue thank you!

  57. This worked perfectly, thanks

  58. If you are trying to view mails from a exported .pst file click on the folder you want to view the mails and in view tab under change view menu select IMAP messages

  59. Thank you, resetting VIEW fixed the problem. Ka

  60. Awesome – it worked for me!!


  61. I just the same problem and I was panicking. I thought I had lost my e-mails. Reset view was the answer! Many Thanks!

  62. HOLY CRAP! I have been working on this issue for over 4 hours. Have tried everything that every one ELSE has said to do. Re-Indexed. Message Pre-view. Etc.

    All I had to do was click the “Reset View”.

    OMG! Thank you so much!

  63. read:no it works…:) Thanku

  64. shehan Sri lanka October 24, 2016 at 05:02

    thanks machan….

  65. it’s working !! Turn on or off Cached Exchange Mode

    Thank you!!

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