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Clean up your system and free up space with DriveTidy.


The Device you have has no DVD drive but you have a CD / DVD for your Software.


A lot of developers are moving to a digital download over a physical media as we progress into an ever increasing digital age. A fair few manufacturers may produce systems without a DVD or CD drive.


Put the disk into a device that has a CD / DVD drive and copy the files to a memory stick.


Visit the Developer website and check their Downloads section. This can often be found on their support area.

When typing, your keyboard may be inputting the wrong characters.


This is likely to be related to the keyboard layout being on a default option as opposed to a region setting.


  1. Click “Start”
  2. Click “Settings”
  3. Click “Devices”
  4. Click “Typing”
  5. Under the heading “More keyboard settings” click “Advanced Keyboard Settings”
  6. Under the heading “Override for default input method” if “use Language list” is present.
  7. Click and change to the desired input region i.e: English (United Kingdom) – United kingdom

You would like to have certain programs starting with your system.


  1. Press windows key + R
  2. In the “Run” box type “Shell:startup” (without quotations)
  3. Copy the application icon into the folder.

Dictating into word or any office application does not work or you receive an error on startup of Word stating that add-ins may be disabled.

Natspeak add-in may be disabled.


  1. Click “file”
  2. Click “Options”
  3. Click “Add-ins”
  4. If “Natspeak.exe” is under the add-ins section “Disabled items” This will need to be enabled.

To enable “add-in”:

  1. In the Box marked “Manage” Change the option from “COM-Add-ins” to “Disabled items”
  2. Click “go”
  3. Click “Natspeak.exe”
  4. Click “Enable”.
  5. Restart word.

Problem: Windows logs show resource exhaustion, or the system may be lagging. You may get an error stating that “Windows is low on virtual memory”.

Cause: The exhaustion from this is due to the pagefile being full and not clearing properly in part due to windows not clearing on shutdown.

Solution: Windows all versions:

  1. Right Click “This PC”
  2. Click “Properties”
  3. Click “Advanced System Settings”
  4. On the ”Performance” Section Click “Settings”
  5. Under “Virtual memory” section Click Change”
  6. Un-check the option marked ”Automatically manage paging file size for all drives”
  7. Check the box marked “No paging file”
  8. Click “Set”
  9. Click “Yes” to the message that appears.
  10. Click “OK” 3 times
  11. Restart the system.
  12. Check the box marked “System manged Size”
  13. Tick the box marked “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives”
  14. Click “OK” 3 times
  15. Restart Windows.