2 Jun

Canon Printer Error 5100


You are unable to print and receive the message Error 5100 on the computer or printer display screen.


Error 5100 is a carriage error that can usually be fixed by using service mode and flushing the printer heads when it has a blockage.


Try the following:

If this doesn’t work then the printer may need repair.

6 Responses to Canon Printer Error 5100

  1. I fix the printer using the method in this article http://www.itjungles.com/printers/fixed-canon-printer-error-5100. Basically just had to remove the piece of paper got stuck in the printer.

    • I also used the same method mentioned in this article, but I had to clean the clear-strip. Fixed it right up.

      Thanks for the post.

  2. Mine was a grease smear on the clear plastic strip (encoder) behind the print head, the smear caused not to find home. I did cause the smear with my knuckles while cleaning the head cleaning squeegees by the ink dumps / head cleaning station.

  3. After several different suggested fixes were tried including that specified above to reset the “ink absorber” and those suggested by Canon for this error message on their site, I am very happy to say that the issue turned out to be the same as set out by LuisJ who had a smear on the plastic strip. Once the strip had been cleaned the printer returned to normal. Thanks Luis for posting your findings here as it really helped me. Thanks also to Satu and to Carl Norton who gave the solution for the ink absorber.

  4. Cleaning the plastic strip cleared my problem. Thanks

  5. Thanks! It was grease on the clear plastic strip that runs behind the print heads. Now it works fine.

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