15 Jun

Reset Canon Printer ink absorber

Resetting the waste ink absorber on a Canon printer can resolve some error codes that appear when turning it on.

  1. Make sure the printer is turned off.
  2. Press and hold the Resume button (triangle inside a circle).
  3. Whilst it is held down, hold down the Power button. The green led light should come on.
  4. Keep the Power button held down. Release the Resume button and then press it twice. The light should go amber, then green again.
  5. Release the Power button.
  6. Press the Resume button four times and then press the Power button straight after to confirm the selected action (Reset Counter Absorber).
  7. Turn off the printer and then turn it on again

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    • I did it, but my printer wont power on, what seems to be case this time? thanks

      • Jonathan Brasseur June 3, 2014 at 09:03


        If your printer will not power on then I advise checking the power cable to see if its properly connected or could possibly be faulty.

    • It worked for my MP510 ! What a scam of a thing! Why don’t they put useful information like this in the owners manual instead of all the nonsense in there? Thank you!!

    • one big THANK YOU!!
      It worked on my Canon Pixma 3000 (the 4st)
      yes, I have 4 printer like this, I changed 3 printhead, so now, I shall buy another printhead

    • Thank you Carl! You are a godsend! It worked the first time I tried it!

  2. Thanks, Carl. I had to try the procedure for three/four times, but then it worked. Great!
    Regards, Dolph.

  3. 6C10 error code: Tried this eight times, still unable to print. Manual is not helpful as it reiterates what the error code screen says.
    Thank you anyway for the suggestion. Will keep looking for an answer.

  4. It worked! Thank you very much Mr. Norton.

  5. Gracias intiresnuyu iformatsiyu

  6. Worked first time – thanks for the info.

  7. its too early my mom wake me up to print some paper then this error 5100 appeared, it really p**s me off, then i tried to search for a solution, i found someone like you which is very helpful. thank you..best regards

  8. It worked!!!! Repaired [error # 5200]
    Thanks, Brad

  9. Gracias, estuve probando para corregir el error 5100 varias veces y al final lo logre claro con la ayuda de estos consejos, eternemente agradecido, juan de Morón,.

  10. I tried it several times but ik keeps saying Idle after executing point 6. Could you help me with this?

  11. worked like a charm, great tip!!! CHEERS

  12. Thank you very much just saved me two hundred bucks buying a new printer.

  13. I have a Canon S 400 printer that is 11 years old. I tried you advice to reset the code about 4 times and it seemed to work, The repair center wanted $ 25.00 just to reset the codes. Thanks you saved me some money.

  14. Got this error after cleaning the print head, took about 6 attempts using your method but it now works beautifully and I have solved the print quality problem too.

    Thanks – this whole process saved alot of money.

  15. Hi, It didnt Work on the IP4700…Made wonders on the MP160, worked on that model but some how its not on the IP4700….cud you be more specific on timing after the part u let go both buttons before Pressing the resume button for 4 times

    Thank in advance,


  16. Nevermind…finally managed with the same procedure…thanks anyway


  17. Wat een opluchting!! Na 5x het bovenstaande gedaan te hebben, waarbij ook een paar keer de melding IDLE, doet de printer het weer. Thanx

  18. I also encounter 6C10 when printing from my MP988. However, I tried this procedure but the printer seems to behaviour differently. The LCD screen said that I’ve entered the “Service Mode” and show a status of ‘idle”. What should I do? Tks

  19. Thank you, worked, had to repeat about 10 times but printing again !!!

  20. Thanks it work again 😀

  21. Thank you very much. This works very good!

    But the error keeps coming back. So I have to do this procedure frequently.

  22. thanks for that, great help. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. WOW!!!
    canon should hire you

  24. Worked PERFECTLY — first time!!!

  25. thank you, it was very helpful!

  26. It WORKs… Thanks bro…

  27. A few weeks ago, I had the error 6C10, I did your solution, it works then, now at the moment again the error 6c10, but it won’t works…. Help!!! I did it a several times, but it won’t work. Do you have an another solution for it?

  28. Gerehu - Keruma street March 1, 2013 at 13:12


    Awesome, you saved my day.

    Tanikiu bada herea, oina herea.


  29. Hi all. I have an iP4600 and this fix worked for me for a while but I let my printer sit idle for about an hour and then I got the same error code 6C10. I finally got it working again but it was a lot more difficult than it was the first time.

    I’m thinking that I will have to eventually open the box and clean the ink pads. I found this manual for an iP4700.
    It has pictures to show how to take it apart and it looks similar to mine so I think I can get it done.
    There is also a link to an exe file for the Service Tool
    but it is a windows utility and I have a Mac running osX.

    So, my question is, would this simple fix work after opening the box or would I definitely need the service tool app?

    Thanks a bunch!

  30. thanks!!!! it worked!!!

  31. I completed first 4 steps only and cleared error 5100 message thanks very much!!!

  32. Thank you !!!!! this has been an on going thing with my printer, very frustrating, I have now printed these steps for quick reference.

  33. Thank you very much it worked.You are great.

  34. reset canon mp 230

  35. It worked ! Wonderful….you really helped me out. Thanks…you are great !

  36. Guys i am really struggling here, i am using the canon mx374……keeps on displaying error U015

  37. it’s not working on canon mg5370 what to do

  38. I have tried it 10x but still can’t get it to show green after two Resumes.

  39. my printer is mp287, got error 5100. after 5 times, it worked. thanks a lot!

  40. Worked brilliantly on my ip 4700
    Many thanks.

  41. Mark and I have the same problem,,,,,entered the Service Mode and status is Idle. Any help here would be appreciated. MX860

  42. Work on mg5350 Thank you !

  43. this thing is steel working, great…

  44. after done it, when i try to turn on in again, it’s not turn on . what will i do please helpme.

  45. please help me my printer got error ink 5b00.. i resset after it blink its appeared number how can i reset that.. thanks

  46. thank you for your advice. my printer also reset and it work properly. thanx

  47. Thank you so much. I did it twice before it worked1

  48. Wow, this actually worked! It took me several tries, but I think it had to do with the number of times I tried to print through the error. I’m getting a 5-blink on the amber light, so now it’s a different error, but at least I fixed the first one.

  49. do you have a solution for the MP980 model? there is no rest button

  50. I did this and now my printer won’t power on at all. Any suggestions??

  51. thank you
    it worked first time itself

  52. i need the reset for canon pixma ip7240 please help I have crawled all internet in vain for a working solution it seems like this model is not popular or I am the first to receive such a problem help please

    • hi you get resserter for canon ip 7240 if you have give me please

      • Russell Gulvin April 28, 2014 at 10:38

        Hello Anonymous,

        We do not have any form of hardware or software that resets Canon printers you will need to follow the steps provided.
        If these steps do not work you will need to take the printer to an authorised Canon repair engineer.

  53. pliz help m to reset canon ip7240

  54. Thanks… still working on IP4700

    Total crap though, that this workaround seems necessary.
    No more Canon after this failure printer, sometimes it’s self-cleaning right if I want to print something, and it’s buzzing around for like 3-5 minutes, before ANYTHING comes out! Total non-sense.

  55. Great, now my printer don’t start at all.


  57. thankyou very much! very helpful!

  58. Cleared the error message on my Pixma MX870 on the first try! Thank You!

  59. Help!
    Tried your instructions and now my MP495 will not re-start. What do I do?

  60. This did not work for me – indeed, I cannot now start my MP495. What can I do???

  61. business employee February 3, 2014 at 19:24

    Thank you for clear, working instructions! They worked better than the advice I received from professional support group.

  62. I did try several times but the error 6C10 still appears when trying to print. It is happening with all the computers at home WIFI.

    Greatly appreciate any help or suggestions.

    Thank you,

  63. I tried this about a dozen times on my MG6120 printer but unfortunately it didn’t work. Any other ideas on how to address Error 6A81? Thanks.

  64. Thanks it worked!!!! Yepeeeeeee…God Bless you

  65. Could some one please help me with code 5B02 or as displayed on LED P07 on my Canon MG3160, thank you, I have tried as above but unfortunately this doesnt work, would any one have any other suggestions, thankyou

  66. MARIA SEGARRA March 17, 2014 at 03:46


  67. It worked! Thank you!!!!!!

  68. worked wunderfull for me to..

    Canon IP4700

    LOVE U 😀

  69. hey boss for me its not working cause its showing error p10. please give me a fast reply

    • Russell Gulvin March 27, 2014 at 13:21

      Hello Pavan, Unfortunately the P10 error is caused by a faulty cartridge, this will require the faulty cartridge to be replaced.

  70. Thanks a lot for this! finally, something that works!

  71. wow worked the first time – thought I needed a new printhead or printer…

  72. Non funziona, ho provato almeno 10 volte (stampante MG5250). Dopo la procedura, apparentemente si toglie la schermata di errore ma la stampante non funziona (la copia si blocca) e se spengo la stampante poi non si riaccende. E’ necessario togliere il cavo di alimentazione per 5 minuti per poterla riaccendere, ma l’errore torna nuovamente. Come mai?

  73. In a homework meltdown situation. My Son came to me and said the printer is broken with a code 5100. With all of the end of the year school assignments, I went into panic mode and googled the code. Carl came to the rescue. I followed his easy steps and had it reset immediately. No computer degree or tools needed. Thanks Carl…you must kids. Sincerely, a Thankful Mom.

  74. I meant to say…Thanks Carl…you must have kids. :)

  75. i doesn’t work in my canon pixma mp230. i can’t even use my scanner . the orange light is always blinking. any help?

  76. I did it twice bt my prnter doesnt when i turn off it fail 2 turn on again help plz

    • Jonathan Brasseur June 2, 2014 at 10:32

      Unfortunately if the above fix has not worked in this scenario you will need to contact your local canon repair centre to have your printer repaired.

  77. I have a canon prnter mg5340 whch ink absorber error became full how can i rest it?please help….

  78. Thanks for this. Extremely irritating that my printer gives this error often, but after 3/4/20 attempts, it saves me the trip to the repair shop and money.

  79. Just stopped printing for no reason, paper would feed, and make all the right noises but nothing was actually printed.
    Came across this post, which wasn’t easy to find, and like many others on here had to persevere many times but it was a success. MANY THANKS!!

  80. I have a Canon MP560 received error mssg 6C10. Tried cleaning the ink pads several times and even did the reset thing like three times. Nothing seems to be working. Printer is about 3/4 yrs old, should I try the effort or just buy a new one? Ink cartridges are still full :(

    • Jonathan Brasseur July 17, 2014 at 09:02

      If this solution has not worked for you then you will need to get it repaired or replaced.

    • Good luck Eva with getting any response/assistance. I have heard nothing and think the same as you. Perhaps buy a new printer but like you, I have brand new ink cartridges as well. Oh well, it seems we may as well cut our losses and buy a new printer!

      Retty :)

  81. A Canon MG2100 series has no “Resume” button. The button with triangle inside a circle is marked “Stop/Reset”. When I press this down as instructed and then push “Power”, I get no green led light. Suggestions? Thanks for any help.

    • Jonathan Brasseur July 24, 2014 at 13:35

      Hi Matt,

      If you can I would refer to the manual but I know in other models the resume button can be the green diamond.

  82. i need the reset for canon pixma ip7270 please help me

  83. Joseph Sherman August 26, 2014 at 17:30

    Fantastic! I’ve been getting the ‘alert’ that the Printer Ink Absorber has been almost full for about a year now. It finally told me it WAS full and that I’d have to contact a Canon provider. I thought my old i455 was ready for the scrap heap. I followed your instructions and VOILA! It worked! Many thanks, Carl!

  84. thank u so much it works with my MP258!…big help! :-)

  85. thankyou so much. I cant fix it for hours before T-T, until I found your post. Thank you so so so so much. I love you T-T T-T T-T

  86. Have MP460 – always been reliable until this error message came up. Had to follow your instructions several times but it is now clear. Many thanks. saved me getting rid of a perfectly good printer.;

  87. Fantastic!
    I have a printer again!!!!

  88. cheers, its still being tempramental, and i have to do this procedure more than i would like. but so helpful. thanks a million. it will do me till i can purchase another printer. thanks matey.

  89. whao it worked thanx for the infor.

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