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Remove Genieo(InstallMac) on Mac


On your computer, your browser homepage shows content from “Genieo” and you wish to remove it. You may have installed this accidentally.


This will require administrator access, so you will need to be sure you are logged in to an admin account on your Mac. Also you will need to know how to find files that do not display in Spotlight, if you do not know how to do this please read: Locating Mac system files using paths

Step 1

Quit the Genieo app, if it is running. If you do not see the “house” icon in the menu bar, the Genieo app may not be running.

Some variants of Genieo do not include a Genieo app, in which case this step is unnecessary.

Step 2

Failure to properly remove this file will result in your computer freezing and becoming unable to start up!

Move the following item to the trash.


If you fail to find this file, pause here. You may proceed, at your own risk, but need to exercise caution. If you have run the Genieo uninstaller, this is normal, as it will remove the launchd.conf file, and you can safely remove any of the three files in step 3 ending in “.dylib”. Otherwise, you must not remove any of those files! Removing any .dylib file without removing the launchd.conf file will cause your computer to freeze and become unable to restart.

It is possible that you won’t have the launchd.conf file or any .dylib file installed, in which case you can safely remove all other files.

This can happen if you opt out of changing your browser’s home page during Genieo installation.

Step 3

Move the following items to the trash.

Some of the files, including the Genieo application may not be present. Remove the ones that you do find.

/Applications/Uninstall Genieo

If you successfully remove the launchd.conf file, but cannot find the other files listed above, that will not cause a problem.

Step 4

You must now restart your computer.

After it starts back up, move the following item to the trash, if present.


It is now safe to empty the trash.

Step 5

Remove the Omnibar browser extension, if present.

Open ”Preferences” from the Safari menu, then click the Extensions icon, near the right side of the row of icons along the top of the window.

Select the unwanted extension and click “uninstall”, repeat this step as required.

Open “Preferences” from the Chrome menu, then click the Extensions on the list on the left side of the window.

Click on the trash can/rubbish bin of the unwanted extension, repeat this step as required.

Click Add-ons from the Tools menu, then look at both the Extensions and Plugins lists in the window that opens.

Click “Remove” for the unwanted Extension, repeat this step as required.

Step 6

Change the home page and possibly the search engine settings in your browser’s preferences.


Information kindly provided by Thomas Reed



164 Responses to Remove Genieo(InstallMac) on Mac

  1. McD of Clifford fame November 25, 2011 at 23:38

    WORKED GREAT ! ( my homepage is that of GOOGLE )

    • my computer is not compatible with the java version that genieo uses so it wont work for me, I just want to remove the stupid error message that pops up every time i start my computer!

    • The worst thing I ever put on my computer. I ended up just wiping the computer because every time I thought it was gone, a pop up would appear. HATE it. This is the only download I couldn’t get rid of on my Mac. Usually you just delete it and it’s gone. But this crap was a huge pain to remove.

    • I thought that it was a thing to get a certain game online that i wanted, and then i tried uninstalling it on my own… and then it was my homepage forever.. the searches were crap, and i always ended up using my google tab.. i love the way he explains!
      whenever i get a problem on my mac again, i know where to look

    • Brett,I did not ask for Genieo, it has secretly forced himself when I downloaded and installed a video program. So Genieo Sucs! Even if it is the best in the world, I do not want it this way!

  2. thanks a lot for the help here.

  3. Phew! Thanks, appreciate your help!


    • I’ve been using Genieo for a while – would never think of deleting it from my Mac. It works like a charm! My message is this: read up about Genieo – try it before you deny it :) It really works well guys :)

      • I hated it. Constant pop ups and when I thought I had finally deleted it, I would get another pop up. I finally had my Mac wiped to make sure it was gone for good. WHy would a company want to be considered a pain in the butt – like an ex-lover who just won’t get the hint???

      • .. now I’m stuck with the ‘ uninstall genieo’ icon. it won’t respond to anything I do.
        Feel like dumping my mac.. accidentally downloading this crap was the worst mistake i ever made.
        Can anyone help?

      • Brett – are you a troll?? Seriously. Genieo is the most annoying thing I’ve encountered on my poor Mac. Can’t wait to get rid of it!!!!

      • If Genieo is so great why do they require trojan horse techniques to proliferate their software? It is one step above a malicious virus. This is an unethical company with unethical business practices no more & no less. I have yet to be able to get it completely off my Mac.

        • Russell Gulvin March 31, 2014 at 17:23

          Hello Steve, Thank you for commenting. Can you confirm if you have tried the solution today now that it has been updated?

  5. What do you do if the “My Personal Homepage” does not show up in the left column??

  6. I cant uninstall it from the part where you have 2 go to the extensions

  7. it wont let me download and i cant find uninstaller

  8. Benjamin Rossen December 28, 2011 at 10:15

    This does not remove the Genieo interception of Google searches on Firefox.

    • These instructions apply for Safari. In your case, I would reset Firefox. ‎

      • When option+clicking on the Firefox icon, Firefox has to be not running in order to get the Reset Firefox option. Also, it took a long time to reset – over 10 minutes – so don’t panic. But, finally, IT WORKED! No more genieo. THank you!!!

  9. Can you please put a secreensot where “My presonal Homepage” is?
    Pleaaaase because I couldn’t find it, can you clarify more? because I just uninstalled the Genieo and I still when I type anything in the search engine field it takes me to Genieo search.T^T

  10. Benjamin Rossen December 28, 2011 at 11:14

    If you are using the Google search field on our browser it will take you to Google through a Genieo proxy. This compromises your privacy and slows down the search, so you certainly do not want this to happen.

    If you have already uninstalled Genieo, then the redirect is happening because your browser still has a link to the Genieo proxy. There should be a little down arrow (triangular in shape) next to the logo on your search field. Select this to get a roll down dialogue menu from which you can see the links. You can change the default like and delete the links you will not use in the future.

    • FINALLY. After a month of trying to delete this pain in the A** spyware, this recommendation finally worked. THANK YOU!

    • Thank you, I had uninstalled all other aspects of the Genieo program, but the Genieo proxy in the Google browser… That was the finally straw that almost broke me, I can breathe a sigh of relief.

    • Thanks mega much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sorry for this, but I’m not too expert in mac but I love it, and I need the help.T^T
    I have attached a link to an image, so that you tell me whether this is the arrow that you meant or not.
    And if you see the picture you will see that when I type anything in the field it appears like this “Genieo”

    • I’m pretty sure that is the arrow which Benjamin was referring to.

      • But there is no links inside it!
        There is only the search history, clear search history, and the search engines options! X______X

        • Benjamin Rossen December 28, 2011 at 12:36

          Those are the links. There should also be an option to manage the links. It might be called “manage search engines” or “search engine options” or similar. This will enable you to remove and to add search engines.

    • Benjamin Rossen December 28, 2011 at 12:29

      That is the one.

  12. So what should I do next? because I told you what I find in that dialog, there is no links!

  13. its not working!! every time i open a new tab in safari it always takes me straight to the genieo search. Ive changed my homepage back to goole and reset safari and nothings working! can you help?

    • Benjamin Rossen December 28, 2011 at 12:54

      From the screen shot you supplied, it is apparent that you have not uninstalled Genieo. Read the instructions above, and uninstall Genieo first, then restart your computer (often some residual cleaning up occurs in this step) and then reset your browser.

      • Thaaanks a lot to you and the writer, thanks Rossen for your patient and the time you spent with me, I just knew the problem, all what I needed was just restarting my mac, I did, and it disappear! Wow, magic hah! It was really annoying me, thank a lot again. Kind regards.

  14. Thanks! It worked perfectly.

  15. love this im so happy i got my google back thank you

  16. Christine Steeden January 29, 2012 at 06:35

    This morning I downloaded Genieo, the link was sent from a person I was receiving images from. All day my Mac has behaved badly and eventually the screen turned blue. I have been able to restart my computer, I searched the Net and downloaded the unistall software. Ran the unistall but did not complete the process from points 4 above before restarting my computer. Now i have a computer that just sits in the white screen doing nothing. Please help!!!!!!!

  17. thank you!!!

  18. A decade of MAC use and this genieo program is the only infection – even their own uninstall program doesn’t work- NO response after multiple HELP pleads to email on Contact Us site—tell everyone how bad this program and company is– spread the word- warn friends!- tell your government too!

    • I know exactly how Genieo got onto my Mac: I tried to download a free font after I had changed Macs and had signed up to Creative Cloud, and some fonts I use simply disappeared from all fonts folders. The font was Windings, and when I downloaded it I got Genieo instead.
      Be warned!
      (I have yet to get rid of it, as it refused to be trashed, even though I was suspicious and didn’t install it.)

  19. Thanks so much it worked great!! I was stressing out and thought that I would have to bring my iMac to the apple store. But thanks to this. It worked wounderful. Thank you do much:-)

  20. awesome thanks!

  21. Gracias, ya me tenía un poco desesperado ese virus de mierda.

  22. Brilliant, I can’t thank you enough. Your instructions worked perfectly. Genieo had made my MacBook Pro crash and freeze and behave in a very peculiar fashion. Hopefully that’s all fixed now! Genieo is an absolute menace!

  23. Thank you!!!

  24. Thanks!!!

  25. This steps really works great! thank you so much!!!

  26. If your’re still getting intercepted by Genieo, then click the little arrow. Switch from Google to Yahoo or Bing and then switch back to your preferred browser. That should fix the problem.

  27. Thanks !
    I didn’t know how to get rid of it.

  28. Thanks so much it was driving me crazy.

  29. I have safari. It said that I uninstalled successfully, but it still redirects me to genieo when I try to use my google search engine. Any ideas on a viable step 2?

      • I had a window to delete Geneio when I started my Mac G5 ppc and which then said ‘could not open Geneio as you don’t have Java v6), which I did have. Not a deleter but an opener in guess. I used “EasyFind” from DEVONTechnologies (free) and it found a tiny piece of software hiding in Home/Library/Safari that was not seen by AppDelete or using Spotlight. It took some time to find as I used their “Boolean+wildcards” and “Invisible Files” search prefs just to be sure. I don’t know where Geneio came from and I only had that one irritating file.

  30. I dont have my personal homepage and the uninstall button in my extension… plss help i really need it so bad.

  31. another thing, how to delete the’ genieo’ in my firefox and google chromes? PLS. HELP!!! I need proper explanation so that i can unstand it.!!!

  32. concerned MAC user January 11, 2013 at 18:22

    THAAANK YOUUUU! Phew! This worked like magic.

  33. THANK YOU!!! What a nightmare this program is. The kids accidentally installed this on my computer. What a pain to figure out what it is & how to get rid of it!

  34. Thank you all for the instructions. GENIEO IS a NIGHTMARE!

  35. Thanks for the tip. Genieo was a little annoying.

  36. SUCCESS finally: I uninstalled it by Searching (control Find) for Genieo and trashing what came up. Emptied trash and now my browser doesn’t show it anymore. Originally I followed uninstall directions and restarted computer, but that didn’t work.

    • Oh, you will also have to change the Homepage in Preferences of browsers if it wasn’t done before you tried to uninstall Genieo.

  37. thanks this is the best advice on removing this annoying spyware, just a quick question, is it wise for me to change all passwords or will the be ok, i do all my business & personnel banking on my Mac, & dont want to be hacked because of this spyware?

    • You can do but its not needed as this software is not known to be any form of spyware or malware. It just uses the cookies left on your machine by default to create a personalised page for your web browser.

  38. It worked! Was so desperate about this i almost have to carry my mac back to supplier for help. Thank you!

  39. I used the Uninstall Genieo to uninstall the application, however, now I cannot the Firefox header on my Macbook Pro. When I search for “Genieo” nothing appears — anywhere! I restarted my computer after the uninstall, but clearly something has not been removed because my app icons are not popping up from the deck as they usually do and although Firefox appears to be open and operating, I cannot access the Firefox preferences.

    I would really appreciate some help with this. I want this removed IMMEDIATELY!

  40. Thank you all the advices that were very helpful. Thank you.

  41. I had Geneio installed and it after initially seeming fine, it appeared to cause not end of problems with my browsers (I use chrome mainly, and firefox sometimes). My macbook pro seemed to be slow and buggy too. I uninstalled Genieo and it was like a dose of antibiotics had rid my computer of all ailments – like a completely different machine. Thanks!

  42. I accidentally tried to install this horrible program however it would not install because it requires a version of java that is not compatible with my os 10.5.8 the only way to get rid of it was to trash it. The un-installer would not run on my computer, in fact genieo was never installed. Now every time I turn on my computer this error message shows up stating “Cannot launch “Genieo” No compatible version of Java 1.6+ is available.” It wont go away! How do I get rid of this error message?

  43. This worked… I couldn’t delete that damn application for nothing! Thank you soooooooo much!

  44. The only reason why I wanted to uninstall Genieo was the small News Update window appearing on the right top corner of the screen. As I use my MacBook mainly for my research work, I am very annoyed by the contents of the News Update that are totally unrelated to my work or any of the items I searched on line. So I followed the instructions you’ve given and I believe I have successfully unistalled Genieo and reset the homepage of both Safari and Chrome. But this update window still appears. I finally decided to ignore it, then it disappears in a minute or so. But it comes back again and again. Please tell me how to stop the News Update window appearing. It is most annoying.

  45. Thank you so much! It worked!

  46. thanks much it worked…

  47. You are the Bomb.com! Thank you so very much:)

  48. Miguel Norton July 29, 2013 at 18:33

    Thank you Carl, very helpful guidance in removal of Genieo. Thank you for your contribution my friend :)

  49. many thanks…i hate programs that insist too much!

  50. To those who couldn’t delete it on Mac. I just dragged it to the trash and emptied the trash. Voila. I dont know about you though.

  51. Spillagewoman August 7, 2013 at 13:19

    If this has helped to get rid of Genieo from my Mac, I am truly grateful. Thank you!

  52. I don’t see a uninstall button in my extensions page :(

  53. thnx it works soooooooooo welllll!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Thanks so much for helping me unintall Genieo!! :) :) xox

  55. I think it worked…..thank you for helping….
    From a “not so computer savvy person”

  56. Thank You I hope it’s worked.

  57. Thank you. I followed your directions and it was removed. Just horrid! Never downloaded something like this.

  58. Worked for me too – thanks soooo much

  59. Why won’t my Safari open. It says Safari quit unexpectedly every time. How do i fix this?

  60. Just a shout out and a quick THANK YOU. FINALLY got this garbage off my mac thanks to these instructions! :)

  61. It worked if you follow some of the instructions it works on chrome too!

  62. after step 3, the uninstall program just froze… I’ve been waiting for it for like half an hour… will wait more because I really prefer to wait, cross my fingers and hope this thing gets out of my mac… apps like this make me want to be a hacker and get into the systems of whoever created this and shut it down completely so they can’t do anything like it anymore…

  63. I realize this comment is 12 months behind the thread. The latest version of Genieo actually has an uninstall app. A local Mac search on “Genieo” on the All Files view in Finder located the file. It uninstalled the Genieo program. No further issues with popup messages.

    BTW, I thought this was a good app for news junkies. But like most of the commenters here, I found it didn’t meet my needs.

  64. thank you so much – crap software I wish I didn’t touch

  65. Thank you Jesus, the bing search engine blows

  66. This software is malware and a Trojan Horse. The Un installer even makes things worse. get it off your computer with Virus Scan software.

  67. the second message where you click OK is not coming up for me!!! help! i want this stuff gone!

  68. Thank you!

  69. Unreal. What a nightmare to delete crashed safari to the point it wouldn’t even load. Total pain to delete. Avoid this piece of crap!!!

    • Well, my grandson wanted to play a word game, thought this maybe ok for my imac 10.5.8, as my daughter has loads of aps on an ipad. Disaster, only Mac basicseems to be ok on safari and email. NO programs launch, they don’t even try. As soon as I click on them ‘application unexpectedly quit’ box comes up. This includes all microsoft – word, excel, powerpoint etc, plus CS2 photoshop illustrator in-design, and quark express. Oh mac also requested that I opened font ‘Marigold’ as the computer and my hard drive was requesting it. I did. This was before I realised what had happened. Does this application use that font? Turning it off does not make any difference.

      Cannot disinstall, message comes up about java. Also noticed back-up hard drive old pics have been changed to text…….. What’s this all about. How can I get rid. does not disinstall. dragged application and disinstall box to folder on desktop. What crap I agree. This is the first time I HAVE EVER done this type of download on my computer, I have always been sooooooo careful not to. EVERYONE AVOID. Oh, and if someone can tell my how to pull out this ‘parasite’ with all it;s eggs. I would be grateful.

      • Russell Gulvin April 2, 2014 at 12:45

        Hello Josie, This fix has now been updated. Please try the updated method. Hope this helps.

  70. I have uninstalled genieo and restarted my computer, and gone into system preferences (where I can’t find it), and it still comes up! How do I get rid of this thing??? It’s too bad the developers chose to use such an invasive and pernicious protocol because this might have been an application I would have used from time to time. After this experience all I want is to get rid of it.

  71. Hi… I’ve also got same issue & have uninstalled. Can’t make head or tale of the advice above! Pls help before I smash my laptop!!

  72. Thanks anyway, but waiting for my previous post to be moderated I tried uninstalling again and it worked – thank f*ck for that :)

  73. it took about 30 seconds to complete to everything. Thanks. I HATE Genio…

  74. I used app-cleaner. It’s free. Just put the Genieo app symbol in the box which appears and click delete. It vanished immediately.

  75. Thanks!!! It worked perfectly!!! I got rid of Genieo!!!!!

  76. how do you do this for google chrome?

    • Russell Gulvin April 2, 2014 at 12:30

      Hello Baarath, This fix has now been updated and includes steps for Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox. Hope this helps.

  77. hey there. so i just cannot get Genieo to stop redirecting my internet searches in my Safari toolbar. I have it set to Google in Preferences and I have uninstalled the thing, cleared my extensions an cookies but I just can’t get rid of that re-direct. Any advice?

    I have a Mac Air OSX 10.9.2

    • Russell Gulvin April 2, 2014 at 12:27

      Hello Devin, The fix has now been updated. Please try the updated method and let us know how you get on.

  78. I’ve tried and tried to get rid of Genieo off my Mac, and even un-installing it, it still appears as my main search engine on my navigation bar, although it doesn’t appear in my Applications folder any longer. I’m a writer and spend long hours on the computer, I need it off so I can continue to navigate with what I’m familiar with. I’ve been using Google forever, and I’ve even switched to Google Chrome.

    • Russell Gulvin April 2, 2014 at 12:25

      Hello Laurie, This fix has now been updated. Please try the updated method and let us know how you get on.

  79. Yay – finally it’s gone! Thanks so much :)

  80. Merci Beaucoup de votre aide je ne sais pas comment vous remercier et jespère que le faite de vous le dire merci vous suffiras de loin. Merci mille fois !!!!

  81. Thanks!!! I got rid of Genieo!!!!!

  82. If Genieo was any good, the company would not need to ‘trick’ you into installing it — it’s malware.

  83. Thank you so much for these instructions. I hate it when sneaky applications just add themselves to your computer!

  84. The instructions here to use the company uninstaller are flawed : it doesn’t work properly & leaves hidden software behind.

    Google for how to remove it fully. Thesafemac is a good start, or try Apple Support Communities.

    • Russell Gulvin March 24, 2014 at 12:22

      Hello gbc,
      We are aware that this fix has been outdated and have had contact with Thomas Reed(author of the fix on thesafemac.com linked at the top of this page), please be patient while we update this solution.

      • hi whenever i try to uninstall it says i need to put in my password to run it but i donot know what my password is and i am not reseting it because you have to put in your apple id and it could be a complete scam and they might use your account not taking the risk please help me

        • Russell Gulvin March 26, 2014 at 15:30

          Hello Genieo sucks,
          If you have not set a password for your user account then you just need to click “Ok” or press enter on the keyboard.
          If you have set a password but then set your Mac to load your user account without needing the password, then you will need to enter the password that you set.

  85. Russell : That’s good, well done.

  86. But how do i delete the files? I tried to search them up in the hotspot, and i tried finder. It just doesent work :( PLEASE HELP!!!

  87. Hi! I tried to do this, but I’m kind of a newbie… When I search for the files in the hotspot/ finder, the files doesn’t appear. Do I do it wrong? Please help! Is there another program that might help me finding the files, and the delete them? :)

  88. Followed all instructions (I had previously uninstalled Genieo before finding this site) and still when I open safari, before home page finishes loading, pop box with “Your player may be out of date, click to continue” comes up and there is no way around it. Will NOT click it ever again! BUT cannot get into Safari preferences panel etc as all are “grayed out”

  89. I also notice a tab on safari “207.css” when I try to launch it. I don’t think that was there prior to Genieo. I searched my “browser extensions” and it showed up along with “prototype.js” Are either or both of these part of my problem?

    • Russell Gulvin April 3, 2014 at 16:38

      Hello Pat,
      With any browser extension, if you did not install it or do not want it rule of thumb is to remove it.
      Browsers from reputable sources do not come with extensions.
      Hope this helps.

  90. Please help. I did not find the initial file: /private/etc/launchd.conf, but I continued on because I assumed at some point in this grueling process of removing Geneio, I would have tried the Uninstall option. So I proceeded to move those files listed to the trash (I was not able to find all those files, but that’s not my concern now). I’m pretty sure I did use the uninstall, but now I’m doubting myself. I haven’t restarted my computer and I haven’t emptied my trash. Another aside, I did find the /Library/Frameworks/GenieoExtra.framework file that I will move to trash after restarting, but now I’m unsure how to proceed. Should I run Geneio’s uninstall program just in case, or will this cause a problem as some of those files are in the trash?

    • Russell Gulvin April 4, 2014 at 09:11

      Hello Kate,
      Not to sound unfriendly but do NOT run the uninstaller, the uninstaller has been found to actually install more junk.
      I would recommend you back up your files and continue following the fix for now.
      Do you have the mac OS install disk(just in case anything goes wrong)?

  91. Hi
    I was a bit scared…tried this and it worked wonderfully – thanks for the clear instructions.

    • Russell Gulvin April 7, 2014 at 08:50

      Glad we could help!

      • I have followed the instructions and removed the Genieo software but when I open Chrome the Genieo home page continues to load. I have removed the Install Mac from the Omnibox. What do I do now?

        • Russell Gulvin April 8, 2014 at 12:44

          Hello Chris,
          You will need to reset you homepage and default search engine.
          This can be done by opening Chrome settings under these headings “On start-up”>”Set pages” and “Search”>”Manage search engines…”
          Delete any homepages/search engines that you do not require.
          Hope this helps.


  93. It worked! Thank-you

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